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    Classroom Podcasting

    Whether you want to distribute your lesson plans, broadcast your lectures, or keep in touch with parents, the power of podcasting has taken the educational field by storm. We help you utilize the power of distribution by doing it for you - and empower you to focus on what you do best...teach!

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    Faith based podcasting, or "Sermon-casting", is one of the fastest growing categories within podcasting...and it makes sense! Through the power of syndication, and in conjunction with iTunes (the most popular audio/video distribution channel on the net), you can witness to both current and future congregation members alike!


    Podcasting is ideal for promotion. For only pennies per day, musicians can now take advantage of the power of the iTunes music store in order to reach both present and future fans. There's nothing more powerful - and easy - then telling them to "Check me out on iTunes!"

    Family Events

    Whether it's little suzy giving her first recital, Nick winning the game, or your last daughter just married the man of her dreams, you can nowuse the power of iTunes to keep friends and family in the loop! Your family videos can now be shared via this powerful distribution channel to friends and family alike...and with the power of syndication...they will always be kept up to date on your latest happenings!